ICMC 2000. 27 August - 1 September. Berlin, Germany.

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About ICMC 2000

ICMC, the International Computer Music Conference, is the largest and most important annual international conference in the field of music technology. Organized in cooperation with the International Computer Music Association and hosted by the Berliner Kulturveranstaltungs-GmbH, ICMC 2000 will feature twenty concerts with several premiere performances, including the ICMA Commission Awards, numerous sound installations, over one hundred presentations of scholarly papers, poster sessions, studio reports, demonstrations, and panel discussions. Hundreds of musicians and scientists from around the world will present the results of their work and discuss issues of musical innovation from both artistic and scientific perspectives. Additional events include workshops and tutorials and the project workshops "Sonic Soundscapes" and "Café Rhizome".

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ICMC 2000 begins on Sunday, August 27 with workshops, tutorials, and the opening concert. The conference proper begins on Monday, August 28 and continues until Friday, September 1.

The conference will also see the culmination of two preparatory project workshops, taking place in the week before the conference.

Scholarly and artistic contributions are solicited and must be submitted for jury review by January 4, 2000.

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The main conference venue is the Berlin State Library, part of Berlin's Culture Forum located centrally in the Tiergarten district of Berlin. All scholarly presentations will be held here and in the neighboring State Institute for Music Research.

Evening concerts will take place in the Akademie der Künste, with the exception of Thursday evening, when the Keynote Lecture and the evening concert will take place in the Hochschule der Künste. Late night Off-ICMC concerts will be held in Podewil--Center for Contemporary Arts.

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Calls for Participation

Registration forms are available on-line. The Calls for Submissions are now closed. The texts of the originals calls soliciting submissions of Papers, Posters, and Demonstrations for the conference program as well as works for the concert program and proposals for sound installations are, however, still on-line for historical interest.

Registration began in May. Hurry to take advantage of our reduced Advance Registration rates!

ICMC 2000 is organized in cooperation with the International Computer Music Association, hosted by the Berliner Kulturverantstaltungs-GmbH, and supported by Hauptstadtkulturfonds, penis pump review female enhancement pills,

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