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Venue Overview

The central venues of the ICMC 2000 will be the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin -- Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz (Berlin State Library) and the Staatliches Institut für Musikforschung -- Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz, (State Institute for Music Research) both of which are located in Berlin's central Kulturforum. All paper sessions, studio reports, demonstrations, and poster sessions, as well as the Vendors' Forum and conference registration, will be held in these two buildings. Afternoon concerts will be held in the St. Matthäus-Kirche, also located in the Kulturforum. Evening concerts will be held in two of Berlin's most well-known concert halls: the Studio of the Akadmie der Künste, located on Hanseatenweg and the Konzertsaal of the Hochschule der Künste, on Hardenbergstraße. The opening concert, featuring a performance of HPSCHD, by John Cage and Lejaren Hiller, will take place in the foyer of the landmark Berlin Philharmonie, spilling over into the adjoining foyer of the Kammermusiksaal, and the Musikinstrumentenmuseum. This complex of buildings is located at the northern end of the Kulturforum.

Directions to the Venues

singuhr-hoergalerie in parochial

(Winter Chapel of the) Parochialkirche. Klosterstrasse 67, 10179 Berlin

Closest Subway Station: Klosterstrasse (U2).

At Subway Station Klosterstrasse, watch for the writing on the sign in the middle of the pier showing the exit for Podewil. The exit for Podewil is on the northbound side, i.e. bound Vinetastrasse, next station: Alexanderplatz. Walk up the stairs to the exit, turn sharp left. At your left hand as you look down the street is the building of Podewil. Walk down Klosterstrasse, past Podewil. The next building, the one with the scaffolding, is Parochialkirche. Enter by the main entrance. Inside the little hall to the right of the door leading to the main part of the church there is a door leading to a staircase. Take the stairs up 2 flights to reach the Winter Chapel.


Staatliches Institut für Muskforschung (SIM), Musikinstrumenten-Museum (MIM) Tiergartenstr 1, 10785 Berlin. Tel: 254810, 25481140.

Closest Subway Station: Potsdamer Platz (U2). Other connections: S1, S2 S-Bahn (Potsdamer Platz), Bus 148, 248, 348, 142, 200, 129.

At Subway Station Potsdamer Platz, one gets off under the big red "InfoBox" building. Look for the tall semi-cylindrical building in glass and metal, (ca 26 stories), that marks the corner of Sony Potsdamer Platz project. Opposite it is a tall brown-brick building marking the corner of the Debis (Mercedes-Benz) quarters. Walk between the two tall buildings into Potsdamer Straße, until you reach the end of the Sony block. Go across the traffic lights, then turn left into Entlastugsstraße. The first entrance to the parking lot on your left leads to SIM. The first door to your right is the entrance of SIM. 150 m after it, round the corner to the right, is the entrance of MIM (Musikinstrumenten-Museum). Inside it is the Curt-Sachs-Saal.


Klosterstrasse 68-70, 10179 Berlin. Tel: 24749747, 24723323, 2474970.

Closest Subway Station: Klosterstrasse (U2). Directions: See singuhr-hoergalerie in parochial.

Elektronisches Studio der TU-Berlin

Einsteinufer 17, 10587 Berlin. Tel: 314 22821

Closest Subway Station: Ernst-Reuter Platz(U2).

Use the map! This is a difficult campus situation. Count with an obligatory 15 minute search till you find the place.
When getting off at Ernst-Reuter Platz look for the exit that leads to Straße des 17 Juni, Technische Universität Berlin. Cross the street to reach the left side of Straße des 17 Juni. Walk down this street on the left pavement until you see the number 136 - or till beyond the Mathematics Building. There, turn left into the campus, and go straight on. At the end of the path, go right into our building (the �"EN Building"). Now you�re at the entrance. In front of you, is elevator A. Take it to the third floor. There, turn right, go straight on through the corridor, through the glass door.

Telefunkenhochhaus der TU-Berlin

Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7, 10587 Berlin.

Closest Subway Station: Ernst-Reuter Platz(U2).

Use the map! Not as tricky as the Elektronisches Studio, and pretty easy to see from the street.
At Ernst-Reuter Platz look for a 20 stories tall building, marked with "TU Berlin," exactly at the opposite side of Strasse des 17. Juni. Enter by the main entrance, go up to floor 18, look for Raum (room) number 1812.

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