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Press Registration

Journalists and other accredited writers working for newspapers and magazines are cordially invited to attend all events at the ICMC 2000. To provide better service for you, including a free press kit which will be mailed to you, we ask for the registration information below. Press registration is free of charge.

To register, please take a few minutes to complete the following form.

Postal Address:


Freelance Writer
Other Please specify:

If you are a freelance writer, please indicate the publication(s) you are planning to write about the ICMC 2000 for and provide the name of a contact or editor at the publication:

Type of coverage planned:

I'm planning on covering the entire ICMC 2000.
I can only covering certain days. Please indicate dates:
I'm particularly interested in covering:
NB: Participation in Workshops & Tutorials is subject to limited availability.
I am still undecided.
Other. Please specify:

Please click the "Submit Form" button once to submit the form. That is all it takes. Really. Trust us.

All personal information is used strictly for the purpose of registration and providing you with press material. None of the following information will be distributed to any sources other than the ICMC 2000 Berlin.

For further information, please feel free to contact our press spokesperson. Mr. J. Scheunemann, via e-mail ( or phone (+49.30 301 22 607) or fax (+49.30 301 22 609).

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