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With the next millennium approaching, Berlin is already celebrating its new cosmopolitan flair. A decade after the fall of that symbol of the cold war, the Berlin Wall, the city has become a door to the world, non-insular, open to growth and change and global encounter. Berlin is today the most vivid cultural metropolis of the Federal Republic of Germany. Renowned worldwide for its three opera houses, major museums, concert halls, theaters, and manifold international festivals, Berlin astonishes its visitors with its dynamic experimental and underground art scene. The city has once again achieved that for which it was famous in the 20's: an open atmosphere of creativity and innovation.

Cultural events taking place around the turn of the millennium in Berlin will be more than just a short burst of fireworks--they are meant to be a material and intellectual investment in the future. Berlin calls for a dialogue of cultures and generations and political systems. Berlin exhorts artists to reflect on creative collaborations between culture and science, technology and traditional ways of life. This reflection and interchange between past and future is taking place during the key years of 1999 and 2000 in a series of international festivals, symposia, and exhibitions of art and history, each of which focuses on a specific aspect of the current global discourse.

During the summer of 2000, when visitors from all over the world are expected for the EXPO 2000 in Hanover, Berlin will provide an open stage for the foreign, the upcoming, and the young. The festival "Z 2000--Positions of Youth Culture," the major cultural event preceding ICMC 2000 in August, will bring together artists and scientists from all contemporary disciplines and numerous nations to present and discuss their experiences with the development of the global communication society and the digitized world.

The 50th Berliner Festwochen, following directly on ICMC 2000 in September, will document the intensity and color of the ending century. The twentieth century was not only an epoch of racing development in science and technology, or one of terrible historic eruptions; it was also shaped by unexpected developments in the arts that broke with traditions and conventions. Eighty composers of great importance for the music of the twentieth century will be portrayed in a series of concerts during the Festwochen 2000.

The International Computer Music Conference 2000 will act as a bridge between these two neighboring events, joining into a dynamic cultural dialogue in Berlin.

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