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Opening Concert: HPSCHD

ICMC 2000 will kick off on Sunday, August 27, with an opening concert featuring HPSCHD, a joint composition by John Cage and Lejaren Hiller. This work, for up to seven harpsichords and 51 tape recorders, is one of the seminal works of computer music and as challenging to perform today as ever.

HPSCHD will be performed on historical harpsichords in the Music Instrument Museum, part of the State Institute for Music Research (SIM/PK), with the performance spilling over into the adjoining foyers of the Berlin Philharmonie and Chamber Music hall.

Composers to Be Performed

The ICMC 2000 concert program will include the following works:

  • Marc Ainger (USA): "Shatter" (1998) for tape
  • Torsten Anders (D): "Klavierkreisel" (1999) for 8-channel tape
  • Elizabeth L. Anderson (B): "Chat Noir" (1998 - 99)
  • Christian Banasik (D): "...letzte Gebärde offener Münder" (1998)
  • Natasha Lee Barrett (UK): "Diabolus" (1999) for percussion, soprano, and electronics
  • Peter Batchelor (UK): "Reel" (1997)
  • David Berezan (CAN): "Unheard Voices, Ancient Spaces" (1999) for 8-channel tape
  • Philip Brownlee (NZ): "Mists and Voices" (1998 - 99)
  • Ludger Brümmer (D): "Le temps s'ouvre" (1998) for video and loudspeakers
  • Rainer Bürck (D): "Flautando" (1998) for flute and electronics
  • Michael Casey (USA) and Simon Atkinson (UK): "Strange-Charmed" (1999)
  • Luigi Ceccarelli (I): "Respiri" (1999) for horn and electronics
  • Eric Chasalow (USA): "Suspicious Motives" (1999) for flute, clarinet, violin, 'cello, and electronics
  • Fabio Cifariello Ciardi (I): "Games" (1999) for contrabass, live electronics, and tape
  • Francis Dhomont (CAN): "Phonurgie" (1998)
  • Christopher Dobrian (USA): "Entropy" for Disklavier and video
  • Gerhard Eckel (A), Vincent Royer (F): "Traverse" (1999) for viola and PowerBook
  • Beatriz Ferreyra (RA): "Río de los páyaros azules" (1999)
  • Orm Finnendahl (D): "Versatzstücke" (1999) for piano and electronics
  • Rajmil Abraham Fischman Steremberg (UK): "Kol Ha Torr" (1998)
  • Bernhard Gál (A): "68th Street" (1998)
  • Gilles Gobeil (CAN): "Derrière la porte la plus éloignée..." (1998)
  • Gruppe Animato (D): "Color Code" performed installation for viola, projector, and electronics
  • Jens Hedman (S): "Relief" (1996)
  • Elizabeth Hoffman (USA): "Manhattan Breakdown" (2000) for clarinet, 'cello, percussion and live electronics
    World Première (ICMA Commission)
  • Anna Ikramova (D): "Biaute paree..." (1999) for recorders and electronics
  • Akemi Ishijima (JP): "Catalysis" (1996)
  • Elsa Justel (RA): "Mats" (1999)
  • Richard Karpen (USA): "Sotto/Sopra" (1999) for violin and electronics
  • Taehi Kim (ROK): "Image of the Sea"
  • Gottfried Michael Koenig (D): "Intermezzo (Segmente)" (1985-91) for ensemble
  • Sven-Ingo Koch (USA): "saxl" (1999)
  • Tim Kreger (AUS): "Piano & Words" (1999) for piano and electronics
  • Cathy Lane (UK): "Hidden Lives"
  • Elainie Lillios (USA): "Stumbling Dance" (1998 - 99)
  • Cort Lippe (USA): "Music for Hi-Hat & Computer" (1998)
  • Guillaume de Machaut (F): "Trop plus et belle; Biauté paree de valour; Je ne sui mie certeins" (14th C.) Double Motet for recorder ensemble
  • Gordon Monro (AUS): "The Voice of the Phoenix" (1997) for bass flute and electronics
  • Richard Nance (USA): "Between Dog and the Wolf"
  • Robert Normandeau (CAN): "Figures de rhétorique" (1998) for piano and electronics
  • Michael Norris (NZ): "Aquarelle"
  • Franz Martin Olbrisch (D): "Auf den Wellen eines Meeres von Beziehungen" for tuba and electronics
  • Kumiko Omura (J): "Imaginary Bridge" (1999) for ensemble and shakuhachi
  • Juan Pampin (RA): "Métal Hurlant" (1995-96) for metallic and electronic sounds
    German Première
  • Sibylle Pomorin (D): "Divining by Looking in the Water" (1997) for 8-channel tape
  • Takayuki Rai (J): "Kinetic Figuration" (1994/2000) for MIDI piano, synthesizer, and electronics
  • Dirk Reith (D): "Dialog" from Mécaniques mon amour (1993/99) for alto saxophone, video and electronics
  • Laura Romberg (USA): "Quica" (1998)
  • Joseph Butch Rovan (USA): "L'Obvie / L'Obtus" for clarinet and electronics
  • Paul Rudy (USA): "Remnants" (1998)
  • Allan Schindler (USA): "Outermost" (1998) for video and loudspeakers
  • Agostino di Scipio (I): "5 difference-sensitive circular interactions" (1998) for string quartet and electronics
  • Frederick Szymanski (USA): "Porte donnant sur la voie" (1999)
  • Michael Theodore (USA): "Whorls" (1998) for 'cello, percussion, and tape
  • Benjamin Thigpen (F): "step, under" (1998)
  • Michael Thompson (USA): "Miniatures" (1998 - 1999 - 2000)
  • Robert Scott Thompson (USA): "Light is Liquid" (1999)
  • Todor Todoroff (B): "Voices Part II - Distant Voices" (1999) for 8-channel tape
  • Barry Truax (CAN): "Pacific Dragon" (1990) for slides and loudspeakers
  • Hans Tutschku (D): "Eikasia" (1999)
  • u.m.a + ginseng (D) "Im Prozeß der Mutation von Realität"
  • Horacio Vaggione (F): "Agon" (1998)
  • Annette Vande Gorne (B): "Vox alia" (1992 - 98) for 8-channel tape
  • Iannis Xenakis (F): Concrete PH (1958)

Music Jury

  • Alex Arteaga, E
  • Elsa Justel, RA
  • Robin Minard, CAN
  • Volker Straebel, D
  • Martin Supper, D (Chair)

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