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Dear ICMC 2000 Delegate,

As we sit poised at the brink of a new millennium, this 26th ICMC that heralds the "Gateways to Creativity" holds special meaning. Computer music practitioners have always been an extraordinarily creative lot, characterized by a precocious ability to solve complex technical and artistic problems. As the technology that supports our art advances and our artistic output blossoms in sophistication, we must continually challenge the creative potential that resides in each one of us.

Please accept my heartiest welcome to the city of Berlin. Take time to study the history of our host site and immerse yourself in the culture. As well as thanking the many organizing and supporting institutions, I would like to give a very special thank you to Peter Castine, Martin Supper, Ioannis Zannos and the entire ICMC 2000 Organizational Staff for their loyal dedication to computer music and the International Computer Music Association.

Herzlich willkommen!

Mary Simoni
International Computer Music Association

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