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Introduction to ICMC 2000

ICMC, the International Computer Music Conference, is the largest and most important annual international conference in the field of music technology. It includes up to twenty concerts, numerous acoustic installations, over one hundred presentations of scholarly papers, panel discussions, and demonstrations. Four to five hundred musicians and scientists from renowned institutions around the world present the results of their work and discuss issues of musical innovation from both artistic and scientific perspectives.

With its motto "Gateways to Creativity," ICMC 2000 underscores the creative use of technological developments in the arts and the emergence of a new generation of "human-oriented" technologies. The conference aims to enhance public perception of the role of new media in day-to-day life and to effect a more conscious reflection of modern culture. The conference will demonstrate how innovation, tradition, and quality of life go hand-in-hand, with a primary focus on the possibilities opened by the integration of sound and image in audiovisual media.

The Conference and Festival will take place in the last week of August 2000, coinciding with the "Expo 2000" in Hanover and overlapping with Berlin's annual music and performing arts festival, the "Berliner Festwochen." In this time frame the ICMC can function as a bridge between innovative technology and innovative art in all media. Events taking place at Berlin's "Culture Forum"--focussing on the Berlin State Library and the State Institute for Music Research--combined with a presence through sound installations and concert performances throughout Berlin and extending to artistic activities in the Internet, provide ICMC participants with an opportunity to experience the many facets of Berlin as a new center for media. The inclusion of a wide variety of styles in performances of the highest standard, both technically and artistically, should attract the broadest audience possible.

The Hosting Organization

The Berliner Kulturveranstaltungs-GmbH (BKV), the organization hosting ICMC 2000, is one of the major non-profit organizations in Berlin's cultural scene. The company runs the Podewil--Center for Contemporary Arts, two theater venues and two major festivals of the city: the international media art festival "transmediale" and the young forum of the international dance festival "Dance in August." BKV is known for its expertise in organizing international cultural projects. Commissioned by the Berlin Senate, BKV organizes exchange programs with partner cities both inside and outside Europe.

The BKV is delighted to be hosting the ICMC next year in Berlin. The ICMC 2000 organization committee, Peter Castine, Martin Supper and Ioannis Zannos, as well as Wilhelm Großmann and Reinhold Friedl of BKV, look forward to welcoming you in Berlin. We are confident that the time spent together at ICMC 2000 will prove to be an inspiring experience.

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